About us

My purpose is to contribute to the health and well being of as many people as possible by removing interference to the body’s nervous system and stimulating the body’s own ability to heal. Also to awaken the understanding that each of us has a tremendous effect on our future health by how we eat, drink, breathe, exercise, sleep, and think.


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The Olympics

While at Indiana University Dr. Bungum was active as a diver on the university swimming team. Earning two national titles on the three meter springboard and was honored by being named co-captain of the swim team in 1977. From 1977 until entering Chiropractic College Brian continued pursuing his dream of becoming a United States Olympian. He reached his goal in the 1980 Olympic Trials in Austin Texas, becoming a member in both the 3 meter and 10 meter diving events.


Dr Brian Bungum received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology at the Indiana University in 1977. In 1982 Dr. Bungum entered the Northwestern College of Chiropractic (currently Northwestern Health Sciences University) located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Upon graduation in 1986 he provided relief services for doctors in Minnesota before moving to Austin Texas.

During the first 8 months of 1987 Dr. Bungum served as the Longhorn Diving Coach at the University of Texas. During that time his athletes won three individual National titles and earned the right to compete for the United States in the World Age Group Championships. In October of 1987 Dr. Bungum opened his private practice in Austin Texas, which he continued until moving to his wife’s home town of Gothenburg, Sweden in January of 2001.


Since arriving in Sweden with his wife and 4 children Dr. Bungum has been active learning the Swedish language, assisting as a trainer on his son’s soccer team, as well as the local diving team in Gothenburg.

He began accepting patients at Frölunda Kiropraktik in Västra Frölunda in 2003. During 2005 as part of an ongoing desire to provide improved patient care Dr. Bungum has traveled to the United States a number of times. Utilizing the latest technology such as the Insight Millenium Subluxation Station to assist in identifying areas of interference to the body’s inborn ability to heal and applying chiropractic techniques to remove that interference your body can start on the road to recovery.

I am committed to providing the best care I can and assist you in understanding the cause of your condition and steps you personally can take to prevent a reoccurrence and also optimize your health and well being. Your future health is your choice and understanding those factors which affect your health you can make intelligent decisions